Vacation Rentals

How do I list?

First you have to register as a Member with us. When in our "HOME" page, CLICK in the purple banner on "NEW MEMBERS".  Read the information provided. Click on “New Member Registration” and a new screen will open. 

Fill in the screens. In the last screen you choose a UserName. Make it simple, for example if your name is Mary Smith, we suggest marysmith (it's one word and usually in lower case) and a password which you will NOT forget (can be a combination of alpha and numeric). Once you have "Registered" you will get all the info you just entered presented on a yellow/brown screen.

Just above this yellow/brown screen is a statement:
If you are entering a NEW property then please click here on LIST PROPERTY and proceed with the prompts.

Helpful Listing Hints for Entering your Information onto our Web System

You CANNOT cut and paste from another web site onto our web editing screen. The computer language may be different. You CAN cut and paste from a word processing screen like WordPerfect or WORD. If you do have information on another web site that you want to transfer on to ours, you MUST FIRST cut and paste into WORD and then from WORD into our information screen.

The last four screens are “wrap around”. This means that you DO NOT hit ENTER on your keyboard UNLESS you want a new paragraph. Don’t worry if you visually see a long never ending sentence. Our system will adjust automatically for display.

If the “Rental Rate” box is NOT completed your information will NOT load into our system.

There is an automatic time-out of 45 minutes for each session and in order not to lose your entered information you must click on at the bottom of the screen.  Better still we suggest that you complete all your information entry in a word processing program and then copy and paste onto our system.       

Make our Search Engine work for you 

The last 3 boxes for entering your property information are: Description, Amenities and Activities. Each of these entry boxes has the word SEARCH ENGINE (above the box). This means that ANY word entered in these 3 boxes is searchable by our engine. We are providing examples that you can tailor to work for you.

Description - Many countries have well known regions that visitors may want to holiday and vacation at. The Tuscany region of Italy and Provence in France are two such examples. By inserting these words in your Description, your property will be brought up in a search.

Amenities - Include words that will enhance the search. If you are close to shopping, theatres and well known sights in the vicinity of your property or anything else that a visitor to your listing may enter for a search, then add these words to your text and this will bring up your property in the search.

Activities – Besides the standard ones like golf, tennis, etc., look at some of the lesser known ones that your region offers that will bring up your property during a search.

Photographs - The pictures that you display should have a "wow" and captivating effect that will make the viewer want to read further about your property.
Look at a cruise brochure.    Typical pictures displayed are captivating scenes of the various ports of call or of activities available on board the ship.  They normally do not display pictures of a cabin interior since it is assumed that the time spent in a cabin is just for sleeping.  This has obviously worked for them. So get it to work for you!

Updating Information - At any time you can update both your listing and your personal information. To do this you must first go to the purple banner and click on “Property Owner”. Enter your UserName and password and click on LOGIN!

This takes you to a brown/yellow screen with your personal info and below it will be your property listing. Click on the appropriate “Update” button to change info on yourself or property listing.

If, still in doubt, and need additional information, click here

Why can't you list my rental for me?
You know your property better than anyone else. We have given you total control and flexibility to describe your property in the best way. You also have to choose a user name and password. To get the process started, you have to personally register with a user name that can be your first name last name, for example John Smith, you can enter as johnsmith. Use a password that you will remember. Then personally list your property online through our website. In this way you will also be able to re-enter and make changes as often as you want. If you still require additional information then email us by clicking here

Can I put my webpage/link in my listing?
Yes you can. In order to get a FREE listing you must reciprocate by copying and pasting on your web site’s HOME page the following sentence:
Your World Rental Confirmed. We want you to feel that our website is one of the tools that you can use to promote your property. You must post your email address when you first register as an Owner, since this address will “show” hidden in your listing and visitors to your page can contact you. DO NOT post your email address within the text of your listing. It will be removed. Telephone and fax numbers can also be posted. If you still require additional information then email us by clicking here.

Can I use my listing on your site to link elsewhere?
Yes you can! Each property listed has a direct link called a URL. This allows you to use this URL in several ways. You can list this URL in your advertising brochures and other media so that anyone can head directly to YOUR page on our site without even knowing that they have visited us. You can also go to your page without having to navigate through our site, BUT you will NOT be able to edit and change your page in this manner. To do this you MUST enter our site in the normal acceptable manner, logon and navigate to make any changes you desire.

The generic URL, for your property will be:


make sure to insert your Property ID number in place of “YourNumber” in the above URL.

For example, if your property listing is #1100, then the URL to your property would be:

Feel free to use this URL to your property in any way you wish. If you still require additional information then email us by clicking here.

*DomainName will stand for any one of the following:

Modifications to your Listing
You are in total control. You have full access to your listings 24 hours a day. You can modify any portion of your listing at any time. You can change your photos based on seasonal presentations.

To make changes simply click on "Property Owner" (on the purple banner) and Login. Here you will have two options. Click on
to change your personal information or scroll down and click the button in your property information table to change the text or photographs in your listing. To make the changes to the photos click the "Browse" button next to the photo you wish to change. You will need to make any and all modifications to your listings and your contact information. We do not modify owners' personal or property information. We reserve the right to edit it, if it does NOT meet our standards.
NOTE: When modifying your listing, changes will be lost unless you save your data by clicking the
button found at the bottom. If this does not fully answer your question please feel free to email us by clicking here.

Forgot your Username and Password?
Don’t worry. If you forget your username or password, we can provide it to you. That is why we suggest that you choose a user name that is simple (John Smith as johnsmith) and a password that you can remember. But we all forget. So just select "Owners Login" link on the top of our home page, enter your email address in the box "Send my username and password to me via email" and click the button. Your information will then be sent to your email address, assuming you have previously registered with us, and the email address you enter is the same one you registered with. If this does not fully answer your question please feel free to email us by clicking here.

Prices for Property Owners













You are listed FREE on all our 4 sites when you display

Your World Rental Confirmed

on your web site’s HOME page



You are listed on all our 4 sites when you DO NOT have

your own web site to display in your listing on our site



You must satisfy Box 1 or 2. You will be listed ahead of others, have inquiries processed through our SCAM filter & be randomly selected as a “Featured Property”

We have a very simple pricing policy. It’s FREE if your property maintains its own website. When you enter your property information it will be listed on all 4 dot com sites, namely – VacationHomesWorld, VacationRentalsWorld-wide, HolidayHomes and HolidayRentalsWorld. In turn, we ask you to reciprocate by displaying on your HOME page the following sentence:

Your World Rental Confirmed

Just copy and paste it anywhere on your HOME page. Size or placement does not matter.

If you DO NOT have a property website, then there will be a ONE time set up fee of $14.95 to be listed on all 4 sites. It’s that simple.

Upgrade for an annual fee of $9.95 to be listed ahead of all the others, have all your email inquiries processed through our SCAM filter and be randomly selected as a “Featured Property” on our Home page. If you are going to display the above 4 word sentence on your own website (you have 72 hours to activate) then from the drop down menu, on check out, click on this pay option.

If you do not have a website for your property and you want to Upgrade, you will first have to pay the set up fee of $14.95 and then RETURN back and pay the upgrade fee. To RETURN back, go to our HOME page and select “Present Members” on the purple banner and follow the prompts.

If this does not fully answer your questions or you require additional information, please feel free to email us by clicking here.

Making Payments

Our online payment system is SECURE (you may verify the “lock” symbol usually displayed on the bottom right of your screen), simple and easy to use. After registration of your property you will be taken to the payment screen. Complete all the information boxes, including the CVV2 code for your card.  Please include your email address, even though we have it in OUR system. This will enable you to automatically receive an email from our credit card processing system acknowledging receipt of your payment information. Our payment system is built to accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. If still in doubt about how to pay, please feel free to email us by clicking here.

Verifying that your Payment Has Been Received
If you paid by credit card your payment is normally processed within 24 hours. You will receive an email auto response from our credit card processing system that your card has been debited, along with a receipt. If you need help with your payment, please email us by clicking here.

My listing has been disabled - Why?

We do not want to disable your listing. There are specific standards that we have to adhere to. Hence, please agree to and comply with the following and your listing will not be disabled.

1      All photographs displayed MUST NOT include any person or people in them. You are totally free to include exterior and interior views and landscaping. We must exclude people in photographs since we do not want to police the dress code.

2      You have not included any photographs in your listing and you have had requests from us to add photos.

3      Your photographs are of an inferior quality and do not complement the standard that we are striving to set.

4      All text included in your descriptive make-up MUST conform to good taste and must not contain any offensive or discriminatory wording.

5      You have not made any effort to write text on and about your property and have not completed all available sections (boxes) available.

If you still require additional information then email us by clicking here.

On your Home page you display FEATURED PROPERTY. How may I display here?

This is the page that is seen FIRST. It gets 100% exposure. Remember we get thousands of hits or visitors to our site. Featured properties as you may have discovered show only the photo which when a visitor clicks on it, then takes them to the listing for the details. You can have that place on a first come first served basis. Cost? Only US$9.95 per week. Your request must be arranged by email (promo at To avoid email SPAM please arrange in email format substituting @ for at and removing all spaces). You can reserve this feature for as many weeks as you want, if available. The week starts from 12:01 pm (U.S. Eastern Time) on a Monday and goes to 11:59 am (U.S. Eastern Time) on the following Monday.

If you need additional information or require any questions answered, please email us by clicking here.

Bounced Emails (that come back undelivered)

Visitors to Property: If a message is returned to you undeliverable, please forward a copy of this returned message to so we can assist in contacting the owner.

Owners of Property: If a message you sent to an inquiry is returned to you undelivered, we cannot assist you with the correct address of that person who sent the inquiry. When the visitor enters an e-mail address there is no way to verify the validity of this address before automatically sending the inquiry to you. Occasionally it is possible for you to guess the address by checking for common spelling mistakes in the address. We cannot be responsible for incorrect addresses and undeliverable email provided by visitors to our site. Please feel free to email us by clicking here.

business units of
U.S. Sterling Corporation, Inc
Unit 19049, Ashton Road
Sarasota, Florida 34276-2049
Telephone: 941-346-1961
Facsimile: 941-346-1950
info at

(arrange in email format)


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