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View Spetses Island214-6 100 - 300 Europe (Euro) per Day
View Athens326-8 100 - 0 Europe (Euro) per Day
View Hydra Island214-5 150 - 250 Europe (Euro) per Day
View Mykonos448-10 5500 - 8000 Europe (Euro) per Week
View2,5 Klm away from Perdika- Island of Aegina325 2050 - 2150 Europe (Euro) per Month
ViewAthens32-6 100 - 200 Europe (Euro) per Day
ViewAthens 111-3 500 - 500 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewAthens328 500 - 500 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewAttica, Porto Rafti 48 650 - 1200 Great Britain (Pound) per Week
ViewBenitses312-6 100 - 200 Europe (Euro) per Day
ViewChania 326-7 700 - 1400 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewEgina45-8 0 - 0 United States (Dollar) per None
ViewHania, Crete96+18-21 200 - 250 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewIthaca214-6 0 - 0 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewKavala-N. 212-5 300 - 550 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewMonemvasia86+19-23 0 - 0 United States (Dollar) per None
ViewMonemvasia214-5 0 - 0 Europe (Euro) per None
ViewMykonos56+8-10 1450 - 2100 United States (Dollar) per Day
ViewMykonos Island 212-4 100 - 200 Europe (Euro) per Day
ViewN.Peramos - Kavala212-5 300 - 500 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewNafplio011-4 450 - 550 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewPoros 327-11 750 - 950 Great Britain (Pound) per Week
ViewSIFNOS ISLAND 56-8 2000 - 3500 Europe (Euro) per Week
ViewZakynthos328 1300 - 1800 Great Britain (Pound) per Week

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Greece with its ancient history is a treasure trove of beautiful islands, beaches,  archaeological sites, world-class attractions and amazing outdoor adventures.  For every and all travelers, you will be able to find many different types of accommodation all over our country to suit your needs, including Greece vacation rental, vacation home rental in Greece, villas in Greece, holiday accommodation in Greece, holiday homes in Greece and holiday properties in Greece.  It all depends on what you wish your vacation and destination to be. If you are looking at exploring the Greek countryside then holiday homes in Greece and vacation home rental in Greece will be your abode away from home. If you are looking at staying close to the bright lights and delights of the chic boutiques, fine restaurants and nightclubs then Greece vacation rental, villas in Greece and holiday accommodation in Greece will be your urban oasis.

Greece has a history stretching back more than 4,000 years. The people of the mainland, called Hellenes, organized great naval and military expeditions, and explored the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, going as far as the Atlantic Ocean and the Caucasus Mountains. One of those expeditions, the siege of Troy, is narrated in the first great Greek literary work, Homer's Iliad. Numerous Greek settlements were founded throughout the Mediterranean, Asia Minor and the coast of North Africa as a result of travels in search of new markets.  In the second half of the 4th century BC, the Greeks, led by Alexander the Great, conquered most of the then known world. 


The past mixes with the present while you glance at the ancient buildings and the tourist shops. Use our directory to find a Greece vacation rental, villa in Greece or holiday accommodation in Greece and walk the street names and revel in the history going back 4000 years.  Visit old churches, the Illisos archaeological sites that lead to the Panathinaikos Stadium, built on the ruins of the old stadium where the first modern day Olympic Games took place in 1896.   The Temple of Zeus, situated on the shores of the Ilissos River, was constructed around the 6th Century BC. Beside this temple is Adrian's Gate, built by the Athenians to honor Emperor Adrian.  Let us help you choose the ideal vacation home rental in Greece, villa in Greece, holiday accommodation in Greece 

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